TyroLab is the Test Equipment calibration, optical cleaning, and support services division of Tyrosys Corp.


TyroLab provides fairly priced quality calibration and technical services with quick turn-around. If you have a question, we're a click, e-mail, or toll-free phone call away.

Who we are…

Tyrosys Corp is a qualified small, Veteran-owned Texas Corporation.

We appreciate our founder's USAF P.M.E.L. background and any opportunity to serve Federal, State and Local Government Defense or Educational entities.

We have been serving our clients for over twelve years!

Our History
Tyrosys established on October 1, 2002 in Plano, Texas, a northern suburb of the Dallas - Fort Worth metroplex.

In February 2004 Tyrosys became an active Better Business Bureau (BBB) member, then in April 2004 Tyrosys incorporated as a C-Class Corporation.

After several years of steady growth, in January 2007 Tyrosys relocated our corporate headquarters to Bonham, Texas. This larger facility and central location enables Tyrosys to better serve our customers.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve!


Terms of Service

Most equipment can be serviced within 1 to 2 business days. Prompt return shipment after payment.


A certificate of calibration, listing standards used and UUT (Unit Under Test) status, will be provided with each order. Additional readout documentation available for a fee.


Customer Drop-off and Pick-up
We welcome our customers at our Bonham, Texas corporate facility. Monday to Friday, 9 am through 6 pm.


All TyroLab services are performed at our Bonham, Texas laboratory.

Optical Calibration and Cleaning Services
Equipment Description Price
Back Reflection Test-set (BRT / ORL) $173.00
Optical Power Meter $135.00
Optical Light Source $135.00
Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) w/ 1 module $173.00
Additional OTDR Modules $173.00
Firmware Upgrades $92.00
Fiber Fusion Splicer Cleaning (All makes and models) $150.00
Fiber Fusion Splicer Cleaning with new electrode pair $245.00
Oscilloscope Calibration Services
Equipment Description Price
2-Channel Oscilloscopes; DC to 100 MHz $95.00
4-Channel Oscilloscopes; 100 MHz to 500 MHz $150.00
Passive Oscilloscope Probes $30.00
RF / Wireless Equipment Calibration
Equipment Description Price
Spectrum Analyzers; 1 Hz to 8.2 GHz $225.00
Power Meters $125.00
Signal Generator $185.00
Digital Multimeter Calibration
Equipment Description Price
Handheld Digital Multimeters (DMM) $75.00
Digital Multimeters w/ Temperature $95.00
Bench-style Digital Multimeters; to 4.5 digits $75.00
Systems Digital Multimeters 5+ digits $95.00
General Purpose Test Equipment Calibration
Equipment Description Price
Analog VOM $50.00
DC Power Supplies, to 1 Kilowatt $95.00
Oscillator $95.00
Decade Substitution Boxes $75.00